2018 WALK Descriptions

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Over the past 15 years, the leadership of Good Works have developed a wide range of WALK experiences ranging from a focus on food insecurity to employment, mental health, housing and the extraction industry in Appalachia.

February 24, 2018 WALK descriptions:



This WALK experience will focus on helping participants learn how to ‘come alongside’ people in recovery. Stories of HOPE will be presented along with information on resources available to those who want to learn more about the hard work of recovery!



This WALK experience will illustrate what it’s like for a family with children experiencing homelessness in Appalachia. What does it look like to move into the Good Works Timothy House as a family? Can you bring pets? Do you have to share a room? Participants on this WALK experience learn about some of the complex issues and the hard choices families face when they are without a home. Families with children are encouraged to participate on this WALK!



This WALK experience will lead participants on a journey on how faith plays a significant role in the mission of Good Works. Go behind the scenes to learn about the paradigm of worship, the ethic of inefficiency, the significance of dignity, and the vision for reciprocity in our relationships. Learn about the process of transmitting HOPE to those Good Works serves. This WALK will explain how our vision of biblical hospitality transmits the love of God to the people we serve.



This WALK experience will explore the potential for a small garden space to have a big impact on the health and economic stability of a household experiencing poverty.  We will draw on our experiences with the Good Works Gardens initiative to demonstrate that even a small garden can produce positive outcomes in the arenas of our local economy, the environment and personal health.  Participants will be asked to take a hard look at the food systems that dramatically effects how and what we eat and the consequences of those systems on the most vulnerable members of our society.



Each year, Good Works designs a WALK experience for people who want to participate but find it difficult to walk. This Walk is only a few hundred feet from the First United Methodist Church. This years mini walk will focus on what volunteers experience in the different aspects of serving with Good Works. 

Registration begins at 8:30 am at the First United Methodist Church at 2 South College Street in Athens. Parking is available in the City parking garage across the street from the church.

A FREE rice & beans lunch is included for all participants from 12-1 pm.  Please stay! This is an important part of the Good Works WALK. Participants eat together and share some of the highlights of their different WALK experiences.