About the WALK


To creatively inspire and inform participants of all ages about the problems people without homes face and issues of poverty in rural Appalachian Ohio; and to say to people struggling with poverty, “You are not alone.”

To raise 1/3 of the annual support for The Good Works Timothy House, the only shelter for people without homes in 8 counties in Southeastern Ohio.

What is the Good Works WALK?

2016-02-20 10.21.22Since 2003, Good Works, Inc. has sponsored an event to educate adults and children of all ages about the struggle and challenges of people who experience homelessness and poverty in rural Southeastern Ohio.  The WALK is also intended to generate financial support for the Good Works Timothy House, the only home for people who are without a home in 8 Southeast Ohio counties.  Click here to learn more about the Timothy House.

How will the money be used?

All the money raised by individuals or organizations contributing to and participating in the Good Works WALK goes to support the Good Works Timothy House which provides a safe, clean and stable place for people to stay temporarily while they address the issues which have caused them to experience homelessness.  Almost 100% of our funds come from donations.

What will I experience on the Walk?

All of the 2018 WALK experiences are intended to expand the participant’s understanding and perspective of poverty and homelessness through a wide range of engaging learning opportunities.  None of the WALK experiences are very long in terms of distance (under 3 miles total).  Each WALK leaves from and returns to the First United Methodist Church on College Street in Athens. One WALK — The Mini-WALK — is very short in distance and designed for people who want to participate but have difficulty walking.

How can I get involved with this year’s WALK?

  • Volunteer to assist in the promotion of the WALK. Contact Emily at 740-594-3339 or through e-mail at email@good-works.net
  • Be a “cheerleader” for the WALK by announcing it and promoting the WALK in your school, among friends, in clubs, in your church, in your hometown, and among your family.
  • Get sponsors! Find at least 10 people who will sponsor you at $10 each. Our goal is for each walker to contribute $100.
  • Do the Walk! Plan to arrive by 8:30am at the First United Methodist Church in uptown Athens. FREE parking is available in the Athens City Parking Garage on the top 3 floors.P1030294